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Gills Funerals Care specialise in all types of funeral plans for any individual.

For most people today it is usual for them to plan for the future by taking out a funeral plan. This also takes the worry and stress away from family members for who are grieving for their loved ones who they have lost, as arrangements have already been pre planned by the loved one already at the time of taking out the policy. It also allows you to arrange and plan your funeral according to your wishes.

Benefits of taking out a funeral plan:


A guarantee covers all the services prearranged, no matter how much costs or services rise over
the years what you order will be what you receive, giving you peace of mind.

Sound financial decision

You have the reassurance that your money is protected and you have the choice of how you pay for your plan depending on your decision, this is paid in to a trust or in to a UK leading life assurance company.

Protection against rising funeral costs

Since 2004 funeral costs have risen by 88% from £1920.00 to £3609.00 in 10 years which is above the general level of inflation. If this rate continues by 2024, the average cost of the funeral will be over £6800.00.

Saves you money

The money you put in to the plan in advance will ensure your family members will benefit fully from your estate and assets as you have paid for the funeral in advance.

Alternative to savings

The interest generated from the funeral plan is a better option tan saving for your funeral in a bank or building society, as the funds are invested in a cautious manner rather than building up interest in a slow pace.

Option to take out a Will

When arranging your funeral plan you have the option to take out a Will which will enable you to safeguard the important things in your life for the people you love.

It is highlighted that more than one million people have taken out funeral plans, if you are interested in finding out more about funeral plans why not contact us or call us on (01922) 622243.