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As dedicated professionals we can help ease the process of organising a funeral by providing the options available to you. In all aspects we will point out the procedures, legal requirements and costs involved. The essential information required entails:-

Choosing a coffin or a casket

A range of coffins and caskets are available from simple designs through to the most unique, high quality designs, which are suitable for burial or cremation. It can be quite distressing choosing a coffin, however it is an important decision you are making for your loved one and it would not be suitable for us to make this decision for you.
You can feel comfort knowing that the coffins and caskets we supply are manufactured by one of the country’s leading suppliers. To view the range of coffins and caskets available please click on the link below:-

Floral Tributes

Flowers are an important part of the funeral arrangements, whether they are for the funeral itself or if they are intended to be sent to the bereaved. Large floral arrangements can be ordered to sit on top of the coffin or casket of the loved one.

For more information on local florists, please visit our local resources section

Order of service

An integral part of organising a funeral is creating the order of service.  Once you have decided the funeral arrangements, the Funeral Director can create a personalised funeral programme, memorial cards, attendance cards and bookmarks which include personal messages from members of family, photographs, readings and hymns.

Hearse and Limousines

Once you have decided the funeral arrangements, the Funeral Director can create a personalised funeral programme, memorial cards, attendance cards and then the hearse for the funeral with chauffer.  Providing sufficient bearers are also an essential part of our service to you, especially when your family’s request to go into a church or place of worship.

Limousines are charged for separately. This ensures that the family is not charged for something they may not need or want. The charge for limousines is fully inclusive to cover transport from the address at which your family requires to be picked up, through to your return to the final destination, within a limited distance. Each limousine is chauffeur driven and will normally carry up to six mourners.


At the time of making arrangements for a funeral, it is not always easy or necessary to determine what your future memorial requirement will be. In the care of existing memorials, it will probably be necessary to remove the headstone from the grave prior to the funeral. When the funeral has taken place it can take some months, depending on the condition of the ground, before the grave will be ready to take the original headstone or a new one.

During this period of settlement, it is recommended where possible, that the monumental masons remove the memorial back to their yard for safe keeping. This also reduces costs in the longer term should the memorial require additional inscriptions.

Take care with that final gift

A memorial is not just a marker erected over a grave to remind us of the name of the deceased, it is a lasting symbol of remembrance, a tribute to a life now ended and perhaps a final gift to someone dearly loved.

Choose a design and material to meet the regulations of the cemetery or churchyard, harmonise with the surroundings, and choose a suitable inscription to withstand the weather (remember, perhaps, a possible future inscription in matching lettering).

When comparing prices, make sure that the size of lettering and all fees have been included.

Let us focus on the stress, you focus on your family.

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